'Trash is simply a failure of imagination'

I was reading 'Natural Home' today, the eco-snobs version of home and garden, and there was an article on 'the Goddess of Garbage.' Apparently a lone interior decorator in the Bay Area (CA) is using dumpster findings as the trendy new look. So for all the non-food oriented dumpsterites out there, the goddess suggested looking up scavenger companies and gettting the skinny from them about sites to go and pillage.

ps- this woman is up there in years, and she still dives, this isn't just for kids.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger kbrooks said...

that is amazing. i am so impressed by you guys. i'm quite possibly in awe. well done. and i'm jealous. if i could, i'd hop across the Atlantic & join y'all on the next raid. xo.


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